Q: How can I make diskimages for the emulator? A: There are some disk images included with the emulator in disk.zip. These can be mounted as a loop device on Linux, for example:

mount floppy_a /mnt/floppy -t msdos -o loop

Make sure however that the disk image is not mounted while you have it also opened in the emulator.

To create new floppy images instead of using those in disk.zip, you can for example use the mtools package. First, create an empty file with the desired size:

dd if=/dev/zero of=floppy.img bs=1024 count=1440

This can be formatted with 'mformat', but you need to add a line like this to /etc/mtools.conf first:

drive x: file="floppy.img" mformat_only

Then run 'mformat':

mformat -t 80 -h 2 -n 18 -v EP_FLOPPY x:

Change the value for -n to 9 when formatting a 720k disk image. EP_FLOPPY can be replaced with any volume label to be used.