EP128emu v2.0.1 has been released

Changes in version 2.0.1

  • improved timing accuracy of Z80 memory and NICK port accesses (this is still not perfect); note that when playing demo files recorded by previous releases, the timing may go out of sync because of this change
  • DAVE internal sample rate can now be changed with the sound clock frequency option
  • removed video memory latency option
  • implemented 'ignore' watchpoints in the debugger; these can be defined by using the 'i' suffix. Watchpoints and single step mode will not stop the emulation and open the debugger while the program counter is at any address for which the ignore flag is set
  • added I/O tab to the debugger (displays the state of I/O registers)
  • the disassembler now supports the undocumented SLL instruction, and also prints RST 30 as 'EXOS nn'
  • added 'step over' button to the debugger; it is similar to 'step', but when encountering any subroutine call or looping instructions, it will continue program execution until the subroutine returns or the loop is finished
  • disassembly view address is automatically updated when the debugger is opened by a watchpoint being triggered or using the step buttons; the current tab is also remembered and not changed to 'general'
  • new 't' debugger command for copying memory
  • added limited (read-only) support for EPTE/TAPir format tape files
  • fixed direct floppy disk access on Windows
  • improved autodetection of disk geometry parameters; with a disk image that contains a FAT filesystem, none of the parameters need to be specified explicitly (all can be set to -1)
  • added workaround for FLTK bug that resulted in the right shift key being interpreted as left shift on Windows
  • various minor improvements in the software video driver, such as reduced aliasing when using a display resolution of 1152x864, and slightly lower CPU usage with exact integer scaling ratios (i.e. resolutions 384x288, 768x576, 1152x864, and 1536x1152 with the pixel aspect ratio set to 1.0)
  • when loading large ROM images, the GUI now automatically sets the file name and offset for all segments
  • minor bug fixes