EP128emu v2.0.7 has been released

Changes in version 2.0.7:

  • implemented IDE hard disk emulation, with support for up to 4 2 GB image files in raw or VHD format; a 126 MB disk image with 4 FAT12 formatted 31.5 MB partitions is also included for use with the emulator
  • more accurate Z80, video memory, and NICK I/O port timing; note that this change breaks demo compatibility with previous versions
  • improved NICK emulation: all possible video modes, including undocumented and "invalid" ones, are now emulated, and some bugs have been fixed as well
  • a 4-channel 8-bit external DAC is emulated at ports F0h to F3h

  • it is now possible to load and use epmemcfg format memory configuration files, which allow for avoiding the limitations of the GUI based memory configuration; the file format is documented in README
  • DAVE sound emulation fixes
  • the 'motor on' bit of WD177x is emulated (the RockDigi demo now runs)
  • on Windows, native file selection dialogs are also used in tapeedit.exe
  • machine configurations generated by makecfg automatically enable or disable the 'virtual file I/O' setting, depending on whether epfileio.rom is included
  • the debugger prints more detailed information about syntax and runtime errors in Lua scripts, and there is a new button to insert an empty breakpoint callback function
  • fixed interlace in single buffered OpenGL mode at quality=0
  • fixed compile error on Linux when building without SDL, or using old SCons or Lua versions
  • some other minor bug fixes, and optimizations